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Index: CSI14071400134
A Chinese software company seeking for subcontracting opportunity and distributors of their software
Profile type: Trading Supplies    Get more projects for Trading Supplies?
Country: China    Get more projects for China?
Technology Keywords: IT and Telematics Applications E-Publishing, Digital Content Information Filtering, Semantics, Statistics
Market Keywords: Systems software 002007002 Database and file management Operating systems and utilities Communications/networking Applications softwareBusiness and office
Deveploment Stage: Already on the market
Published Time: 2015/08/24
Industry: Electric & Information    Get more projects for Electric & Information?
Summary: A Chinese software company is looking for partners in oversea countries, the company product is software based on the Mac and IOS platform, they are looking for subcontracting opportunities for the development of Mac & IOS software, and also seeking partn

Working as both a professional developer for apps on Mac OS and iOS and a technology provider, the company operates in a variety of related fields, including multimedia, graphical processing, digital documents, mail processing, system utilities, and mobile games. The company so far has successfully developed dozens of software with fully independent intellectual properties, all of which are being sold overseas, and has millions of well satisfied customers. Meanwhile, the company provides the professional technology services in Mac OS and iOS platforms.

Product Introduction:

1. Multimedia: This product line focuses on multimedia format conversion, editing, playback, management, stream media downloading, DVD burning, providing customers with a cross-platform, cross-format, and cross-media one stop solution.

2. Graphics: This product line focuses on graphical editing and turning photos into slides, puzzles, and Flash animation. It helps people with their various needs with photos.

3. Electronic Documents: This product line focuses on electronic document reading, editing, analyzing, format conversion, and creating, helping customers with their needs of mobile office, interactive reading, and content integration.

4.Mail Processing: This product line focuses on file importation, exportation, conversion, and creation for mainstream mailing systems, helping people with their needs with different mailing systems or platforms.

5.System Utilities: This product line focuses on system optimization, security check and protection, data backup and recovery, and file searching, making terminal devices safer and more convenient for users.

6. Mobile Gaming: This products line has mobile games for entertainment, recreation, and intellectual development. 

Enterprise Detail

Industry: business consulting
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 2M
Production Valuer: $
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