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Index: CSI14071400136
Chinese manufacturer of EV Controller is offering electronic vehicle controllers, related technologies as well as customized supporting services.
Profile type: Trading Supplies    Get more projects for Trading Supplies?
Country: China    Get more projects for China?
Technology Keywords: Electronics Electronic engineering Automation, Robotics Control Systems
Market Keywords: Controllers
Deveploment Stage: Already on the market
Published Time: 2014/07/14
Industry: Electric & Information    Get more projects for Electric & Information?
Summary: A Chinese SME specializing in manufacturing of EV Controller is offering electric vehicle controllers, related technologies as well as customized supporting services for foreign clients.

Core components of an EV include a motor, a controller, accumulator and a charger, among which the controller requires the most complex and the most dedicate technology.

Changsha Leadten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, set up in 2009 in China, is a manufacturer of EV Controller. Based on the technical support of National University of Defense Technology, the company has developed advanced EV controllers and control instruments for electric vehicle manufacturers. The product catalog of the company now contains products like 6-tune electric vehicle controllers, 12-tune electric vehicle controllers, electric dashboard and electric car accessories. An innovative 24-tune electric vehicle controller for hybrid-electric car and truck is right now under development.

The company has already engaged in international trade and cooperation, and is now looking for more business opportunities in markets outside China, especially European market.

Enterprise Detail

Industry: business consulting
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 2M
Production Valuer: $
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