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Index: CDH16103100208
Armenian winery seeks distributors and agents
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Technology Keywords: C.11.0.2 Manufacture of wine from grape C.11.0.3 Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines
Market Keywords: 07003001 Wine and liquors
Deveploment Stage: Already on the market
Published Time: 2016/10/31
Industry: High-ending Manufacture    Get more projects for High-ending Manufacture?
Summary: An Armenian winery produces more than 7 types of wines, including red and white, ordinary, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet natural wines, as well as vintage wines via the method of natural fermentation. The company is looking for agents and distributors spe
This Armenian winery was founded on the basis of the family business. The winery is situated in the Valley of Arpa River, in Vayots Dzor region. The region has an ancient history of wine making traditions and is famous by its wine grapes.
The micro climate of the 1450-1500 m above sea level mountainous valley, abundant with sun rays grants an exceptional flavor and taste to the grapes and hence the wine made from them.
The winery uses the high quality yield of its own vineyard and modern wine making technologies. This combined with meticulous control throughout the production process has led to the production of superior wines, now famous and demanded among the consumers. To ensure the high quality of the wine, the fermentation occurs naturally. For semi-dry and semisweet wines the fermentation is never interrupted by adding alcohol. The fermentation discontinues naturally when the wine is taken into a colder place.
The wines do not contain any admixtures and preservatives. Before bottling, the wines age in 225-228 l oak barrels.
Presently this company produces red dry natural, red semi-dry natural, red semi-sweet natural, white dry natural, white semi-dry natural and white semi-sweet natural wines.
The winery also produces pomegranate wines and strong alcoholic fruit drinks from apricot, black plum, apple and other fruits’ harvest grown in  the company's orchards.
The wines of this company have been presented in international exhibitions many times. Now 75% of the company's production is exporting to USA, Russia and Poland and only 25% of the production is selling in the local market. In particular, this company is working with local chain stores.
This is dynamically developing company, which is expanding the production volumes gradually. The company is looking for agents and distributors, who can help to find new markets abroad.

Enterprise Detail

Industry: service
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 0.5b
Production Valuer: $ 0.5b
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