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Index: CDH16103100210
Electrochemically activated modification of biopolymers for leather and fur manufacture
Profile type: Trading Demands    Get more projects for Trading Demands?
Country: Ukraine    Get more projects for Ukraine?
Technology Keywords: 03006003 Tanned leather process/ Leather Technology 06006012 Bioprocesses 10004001 Industrial Water Treatment
Market Keywords: 08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals 09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Deveploment Stage: Prototype available for demonstration
Published Time: 2016/10/31
Industry: High-ending Manufacture    Get more projects for High-ending Manufacture?
Summary: A Ukrainian university offers an original technology for leather and fur (differed in the methods of conservation) treatment that can be used in leather tanning and related industries. The technology is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It requ
The technological processes of soaking, liming, pickling, softening, tanning (using traditional technical water solutions) require a wide range of chemical reagents which are, in the majority of cases, harmful to the environment. A level of consumption of working chemicals is considerable (approx. 2.4kg per 1kg of leather). However, it doesn’t improve the quality of
leather/fur processing (efficiency of treatment doesn’t exceed 70%). In addition, it leads to extra environmental pollution.  Ukrainian scientists have revealed that electrochemical activation (ECA) based on a law of changes of reactional and catalytic abilities of aqueous solutions allows to exclude reagent methods of solution properties' regulation from routine technological processes of leather/fur treatment,to improve production's quality,to reduce the number and duration of technological cooperations etc. On this evidence, the researchers have developed an original method of leather and fur treatment using ECA water solutions (during the soaking, liming, pickling, softening, tanning processes). The industrial application of the technology allows to obtain leather/fur of high quality as well as expand the assortment of leather/fur goods. The university is looking for industrial partner for the license agreement. Technical cooperation is also possible. 

Enterprise Detail

Industry: service
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 0.5b
Production Valuer: $ 0.5b
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