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Index: TDH17012400222
UK-based SME offers non-shedding anti-fouling coating system to companies in the marine and water management sectors
Profile type: Technology Demands    Get more projects for Technology Demands?
Country: United Kingdom    Get more projects for United Kingdom?
Technology Keywords: C.20.3.0 Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics C.20.5.9 Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
Market Keywords: 08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures 09001007 Other transportation
Deveploment Stage: Commercial agency agreement Distribution services agreement
Published Time: 2017/01/24
Industry: High-ending Manufacture    Get more projects for High-ending Manufacture?
Summary: A UK-based SME has an anti-fouling coating for use on equipment and machinery, including ships, that are used in the marine and other water environments and so are at risk of fouling from microorganisms. This coating does not shed and uses chemicals that
Fouling by microorganisms is a problem for any kind of equipment that is used in the marine environment from ships to machinery. Such fouling can result in reduced operational efficiency and increased degradation of the affected equipment. There are measures that can be taken to prevent such fouling but the chemicals involved are often harsh and can leach into the environment where they are damaging. Effective and environmentally safer alternatives are therefore needed.

A UK-based SME specialising in coatings for use in the marine and other water environments has an anti-fouling coating system that prevents microorganisms from being able to colonise and therefore grow on surfaces. This system is hard wearing and so will not shed into the environment and uses chemicals that are environmentally safe. 

The UK-based SME is looking to offer this coating technology to companies working in the marine and water management sectors and who have equipment that will need protection from fouling by microorganisms. The SME will supply this coating to partners in the form of a distribution services agreement. They would also like to engage with end users and agents operating in these areas with partnerships likely to take the form of commercial agency agreements.

Enterprise Detail

Industry: service
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 0.5b
Production Valuer: $ 0.5b
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