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Index: TDH17012400223
UK manufacturer of low cost ,self-assembly car roof boxes in three sizes seeks distributors for a distribution agreement
Profile type: Technology Demands    Get more projects for Technology Demands?
Country: United Kingdom    Get more projects for United Kingdom?
Technology Keywords: 02009004 Road Vehicles 03010 Household Goods & Appliances
Market Keywords: 07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes 07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
Deveploment Stage: Already on the market
Published Time: 2017/01/24
Industry: High-ending Manufacture    Get more projects for High-ending Manufacture?
Summary: This UK manufacturer of low cost, water resiliant, self-assembly automotive roof boxes can offer distributors three sizes – 200 Litre, 350 Litre or 415 Litre in Black/Gray/White. The company seeks distributors for a distribution agreement from the retail
This privately owned UK company has been designing and manufacturing niche products and components for the automotive and construction sectors for 58 years. A management buyout in 2014 brought new impetus and a fresh perspective to the business and they are now keen to expand their business worldwide through partnerships with distributors.

The company has been manufacturing a range of roof boxes for many years and has an established reputation in the automotive industry.

The roof boxes come in three sizes: 

415 Litre – L-135cm W-100cm H-43cm
350 Litre – L-135cm W-100cm H-36.5cm
200 Litre – L-99.5cm W-87cm H-36.5cm

The three standard colours available are black, white and silver or any combination but other colours can be provided upon request based on volume purchased.

The roof boxes are made from a durable HDPE plastic, typically used for  auto dashboards.

Each box is supplied with a roof bar fitting kit containing a U bolts in 50mm and 75mm. to suit most commonly used roof bars.

The product range is well established within the UK and provides a practical and economical solution.

The roof boxes are supplied as a kit to the end user for self-assembly. Full instructions (and a video) can be provided for this. The self-assembly nature of the product allows the user to disassemble the roof box when not in use thus saving on storage space.  It also means the boxed product requires less storage space for distributors holding stock.  NB Instructions can be translated.

The company can also supply all spare parts for the roof boxes. 

The company seeks retailers with customers who may be interested in purchasing roof boxes for a distribution agreement. This might be automotive parts retailers, camping retailers, general retailers i.e. supermarkets or online retailers in any of these sectors.  

Enterprise Detail

Industry: service
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 0.5b
Production Valuer: $ 0.5b
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