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Index: RCO14012300062
Search for technical cooperation on the mountaineering and alpinism equipment
Profile type: Research Cooperation    Get more projects for Research Cooperation?
Country: Italy    Get more projects for Italy?
Technology Keywords: Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing) Jointing (soldering, welding, sticking) Machining, fine (grinding, lapping) Moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, sintering Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, PVD)
Market Keywords: Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes Other leisure and recreational products and services Other consumer products
Deveploment Stage: proposal planing
Published Time: 2014/02/14
Industry: Others    Get more projects for Others?
Summary: An Italian company, specialized in the designing and production of dies and equipment for the bucking of metals, provide a wide range of products in small or large series. Actually the company is interested in exploring a new market and testing new produc

An Italian company is specialized in the designing and production of dies and equipment for the bucking of metals; the structure and the know-how acquired, enable it to follow the customer in every initiative seizing any opportunity that may be created. The company’s key business areas are: prototype development, product engineering, tooling and mass production, draw and produce single or progressive shearing, forming and drawing dies. The company can guarantee quality both in term of products and result, providing drawings of a wide range of products, in small or large series. It uses different kinds of materials: row plate, zinc sheet, inox, copper, bronze, aluminium and plastic like Mylar and Kapton (for steel area) and polymers such as PA6 PA66 (for plastic area). Actually this company is realising new products and prototypes of alpinism equipment such as ice axes, crampons and carabiners, but the mountaineering market is completely unknown. For this reason is looking for technical cooperation with a market leader or an expert in mountaineering and alpinism equipment, for testing these new products, realising other prototypes and adapting them to specific need of the customers.

Enterprise Detail

Industry: business consulting
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $ 2M
Production Valuer: $
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