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Index: RCB14012300069
Looking for a pharmaceutical company to address the clinical development of chondral injury treatment with autologus chondrocytes
Profile type: Research Cooperation    Get more projects for Research Cooperation?
Country: Spain    Get more projects for Spain?
Technology Keywords: Cellular and Molecular Biology Clinical Research, Trials Medical Research Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
Market Keywords: Drug delivery and other equipment (including kidney dialysis machines) Other therapeutic (including defibrillators)
Deveploment Stage: concept
Published Time: 2014/02/14
Industry: Biotech & Medical Instruments    Get more projects for Biotech & Medical Instruments?
Summary: A Spanish biotechnological company focused on research and development of products for cell therapy, has developed a chondrocyte cell culture for implants to treat cartilage lesions, and has proved to be the only efficient method to cure cartilage lesions
The Spanish biotechnological company?s laboratory has adopted the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacture Practices (GMP) certification that allows and facilitates the production of cell cultures. In this case, the chondrocytes produced are used for implant to treat cartilage lesions through the Instant CEMTROCELL technique. This is a technique for cartilage regeneration by means of an implant of autologous cartilage cells (patient's own). It has been shown that this method is the only that cures cartilage lesions and in most cases leads to a total regeneration of the joint surface through the formation of hyaline cartilage. Although the European legislation allows the usage of this product if it is prescribed by a specialist physicist in a specific hospital after asking for the usage permission, the register of this product in the EMA (European Medicines Agency) will open the international launch of the product. Therefore the company is looking for technical collaborations in the fields of clinical developments related to cell therapies. The partner sought must carry out the clinical development of the treatment based on the chondrocytes that the Spanish company is producing, as well as proceed after with the drug registration. So it is needed for the partner sought to have large experience and capabilities to support all the technical needs that are required to achieve the project. The Spanish company is open for technical cooperation and/or for a joint venture agreement.

Enterprise Detail

Industry: Business consulting
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $
Production Valuer: $
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