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Index: RCM14012300077
Polymeric Suspension System in Water Based Binders
Profile type: Research Cooperation    Get more projects for Research Cooperation?
Country: Turkey    Get more projects for Turkey?
Technology Keywords: Colours and varnish Colours , dyes related to Chemical Technology and engineering
Market Keywords: Fine Chemicals, Dyes and Inks Special chemicals, intermediates
Deveploment Stage: concept
Published Time: 2014/02/14
Industry: New Material    Get more projects for New Material?
Summary: A Turkish company that is working on surface treated nano-fillers for painting industry seeks partners for developing polymeric suspension system in water based binders, where fillers will be dispersed easily without dispersants. It is willing to do licen
For efficient dispersion of fillers in waterborne systems, performance dispersants with high revolution mixer technology are used. A Turkish company is working on a project on filler suspension system in water based binders. According to the ongoing project, filler will be dispersed in waterborne systems easily without any additional dispersant. The goal of this project is to overcome Van der Walls forces between particles to avoid “agglomeration”, as well as decreasing surface tension and increasing oil / binder absorption. Products developed by using this technology, posses enhanced properties, and can be used in coating and paper industries. The product does not need to contain any dispersants. The prototype of the developed product has been tested for further applications in industry, although it was received positive feedback, it has also been observed that there still exist some problems. The company would like to do technical cooperation with universities, research centers and binder producers for further development in prototyping and production phases. It is also ready to do license or joint venture agreement. 

Enterprise Detail

Industry: Business consulting
Employees Number: 40 people
Turnover Value: $
Production Valuer: $
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